Watercolor Starter Kit

Watercolor Starter Kit

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This is an add on for participants of the Online Watercolor Workshop
Do not purchase this if you have not signed up. Your money will be refunded. 

This listing is for you IF you've purchased the workshop of June 20th, 2020 and did not include the Watercolor starter Set.

Here’s a quick list of what will be included in the kit...

Watercolor:  Half-pan set of seven colors. (Hematite Red, Crimson,Yellow Ochre, Phatalo Turquoise, Payne's Grey, Buff Titanium, Lamp Black) All colors are of extremely high quality, with a mixture of handmade watercolors and other industrial brands for you to try. (Windsor & Newton, Daniel Smith & Turner Artists Watercolor)

Brushes: From round to flat, to detail brushes to flat washes. I've selected 7 brushes for you with different sizes and shapes for us to explore. (Brands: Mimik & Beste by Creative Mark) 

Paper: Only the best papers for you test out! You’ll receive; rough, hot, and cold-pressed paper. (If you don't understand this, no worries! I'll be explaining this too!) I'll also includes a small watercolor pad for you to practice techniques on. (Arches, Fabriano, and Strathmore)

Extra Materials: artist tape, masking fluid with brush, drawing pencil and eraser, spray bottle, watercolor ink, and much more. 

All materials were selected to ensure an easy and smooth class as well as keeping quality and sustainability in mind.