The Great Meteor Procession
The Great Meteor Procession

The Great Meteor Procession

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Original watercolor painting on handmade cotton paper with deckled edges. Paper is slightly toned, adding a very vintage feel to the entire artwork.  Dimensions are 5”x7” with artwork being approximately 4”x6”.

Year, title, and signature are found on the bottom as well as on the back (bottom right) with more painting info in graphite.

Earth had a temporary second moon? 

February 9, 1913. 
On this date, a strange meteor sighting occurred over Canada, the U.S. Northeast, Bermuda, and some ships at sea, including one-off Brazil. What happened that night is sometimes called the Great Meteor Procession of 1913, and it sparked decades of debate concerning what actually happened.
Some astronomers later concluded that – because all sightings of the meteor procession occurred along a great circle arc – the source had been a small, short-lived natural satellite of Earth – a temporary second moon. 

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