Moon & Jupiter
Moon & Jupiter

Moon & Jupiter

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Original watercolor painting on handmade cotton paper with deckled edges. Paper is slightly toned, adding a very vintage feel to the entire artwork.  Dimensions are 5”x7” with artwork being approximately 4”x6”.

Year, title, and signature are found on the bottom as well as on the back (bottom right) with more painting info in graphite.

At about 5 a.m Wednesday, on April 15, the Moon aligned with Mars, Saturn, and Jupiter.

Celestial alignments were used as signs for thousands of years. Today we no longer need to look at the stars and celestial bodies to tell what time, season, or year we are on. However, they still seem just as magical and filled with wonder when they do happen. Like a message sent from heaven, directly to us.

All original paintings are shipped within 5-7 business days. Framed paintings could take an extra 1-2 business days.

Please note that there is only ONE painting, although it shows two options (Framed or not framed). If one option is sold, the painting has been SOLD. 

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