Comets and Oumaumua

Comets and Oumaumua

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Original watercolor painting on handmade cotton paper with deckled edges. Paper is slightly toned, adding a very vintage feel to the entire artwork.  Dimensions are approximately 7”x7”.

Collection, year, title, and signature are found on the bottom as well as on the back (bottom right) with more painting info in graphite.

The name of each comet and interstellar object are found on the back of the painting.

The real shapes of comets, asteroids, and the interstellar body, Oumaumua.

Comets have shape, they have different sizes and they differ from shooting stars gliding quickly across our night sky. They are huge (mostly metal, iron) space rocks.

Oumaumua, was the first-ever recorded interstellar object to ever enter our milky way. Moving at 196,000 miles per hour has been classified as an interstellar comet, however, most scientists now argue that it might be an asteroid instead. 

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