Color Theory & Composition –– Oct 16th, 2021

Color Theory & Composition –– Oct 16th, 2021

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October 16th, 1-3 PM (EST),
via Zoom Meeting


Join us on this creative journey, where I’ll be guiding you through the basics of color theory and composition. Learning how to use these skills, can help you become the artist you've always wanted to be. 

Have you ever heard about the "creative eye"? it's true, it exists. But you don't have to be born with it. Having the eye of a successful artist is just like having any other skill that you must learn.

The knowledge of composition: where subjects are placed on a canvas. Along with color theory (color bahevior, combining colors, and selecting colors to express emotions, thoughts, and ideas) is often what you need in order to step up your creative game.

From the many failed attempts and lessons I've had, both in and out of college -- I've learned that to create a masterpiece one must have knowledge of these rules, in one way or another. Sometimes we don't even notice that we're applying them, and if they go missing from a painting you may feel like your work is missing "the punch" 

... "something is missing, but I don't know what."

I'm here to guide you through a thoughtful process of creating. 

During this two-hour-long workshop, we’ll go over the extremely important foundations of color theory, composition, and how to apply them to your very own sketch and watercolor painting.

You do not need to paint in watercolors to take this course. This course can be done with any medium. However, keep in mind that I will be painting and showing examples with watercolors.

A list of necessary and optional supplies will be emailed to you within 48hrs after purchase.

What will you need for this workshop?

  • HB graphite pencil and eraser (or preferred sketching materials)
  • Watercolor or preferred painting medium. 
  • Watercolor paper, or preferred surface/canvas
  • Notebook to take notes (optional)

Here’s what you can expect to receive through this workshop:

  • Knowledge on how to have a thoughtful creative process
  • Confidence to tackle projects with a new set of skills 
  • PDF document with all the information you learned. You'll be able to keep it forever and come back to it whenever you need to. A forever guide!
  • I'll also share a list of all supplies and suggested supplies, that will add to your experience as you paint more often.

    Learn to have creative freedom and confidence to fully express yourself 

    I can’t wait to share some watercolor magic with you!

    Please contact us if you have any other questions