Watercolor Starter Set


F U L L   L I S T 

  • Half-pan watercolor set of 7 colors 
  • Watercolor ink 10ml by Dr. Ph. Martin's Hydrus Fine Art Liquid Watercolors
  • 2 watercolor tube by Turner Professional Artist 
  • 5 piece set of watercolor brushes by Mimik Creative Mark
  • 1 Mottler 1” brush by Princeton Neptune Collection
  • Scrubber brush #4 by Creative Mark
  • 2 masking fluid brushes
  • Rough watercolor paper by Fabriano Artistico 12”x8”
  • Cold-pressed watercolor paper by Arches 12”x8”
  • Hot-pressed watercolor paper by Arches 12”x8”
  • Watercolor foldover Pad by Grumbacher 140lb Cold Pressed 6”x6”
  • Artists tape 
  • Masking Fluid
  • Spray bottle
  • Drawing pencil (HB) and eraser by Faber Castle

All materials were selected to ensure an easy and smooth class as well as keeping quality and sustainability in mind.

Join us on this adventure!