I’m a wife, friend & artist based in South Florida, but born and raised in Brazil. My inspiration for painting comes from all the curiosities that we can easily observe from our planet. I’m passionate about studying their similarities and differences. These thoughts and feelings get expressed through the stroke of multiple paintbrushes, as a way to help me be truly present and turn information into peaceful and beautiful artwork for your home.





Other details:

Born: July, 16th, 1993

Childhood: We moved around a whole bunch. I went to twelve different schools, and my childhood was split between Brazil and the USA.

Colors: Any “darker” shade. But if I had to pick one color, it would be the blues/grays before and after a storm.

Artist Crush: Vincent Van Gogh, and Galileo Galilei 

Passions: Art, Science, Spirituality & History. I believe in the magic that those four bring when together.

Personality: 5w4, INTJ


 "...So that [you] may not feel like the wanderer who was unable to see the forest for its trees." - Albert Einstein (Relativity, 1920)