A letter to international participants...


Hi everyone, 

Thank you so much for your interest in receiving a Watercolor MOON Kit.

I cannot say this enough so I'll continue to say: I'm so incredibly thankful for you!

As I was creating this workshop I had you in mind, and did my best to have enough time in between, so all orders could arrive before the workshop date.

The thought of having a full online classroom with all of us being in different countries, coming together to create and learn– sounds so beautiful, doesn't it? 

Although some countries have started to operate as usual, COVID-19 is still spreading all around the globe and I still cannot guarantee that your kit will arrive in time, no matter how hard I plan and think things out. During checkout, please select the fastest option possible if you are worried. DHL has a 4 business days option that is fairly inexpensive considering the distance. Even still, if you know your country is under a strict lockdown, please keep that in mind. 

I also cannot be responsible for any other occurrences that may happen after your kit is shipped, since I will not be able to replace your order in time for the workshop. 

With all of this in mind, you can still order the kit and join OR choose to join the workshop by using your own materials. I'll be available in case you need any assistance with choosing the right supplies or if you need any other tips while getting ready for the workshop.

I wanted to give you the option of this workshop, since I truly am grateful for all the support and appreciation I get from numerous countries. 

I'm working hard to eventually have better possibilities that will suit you better. Maybe once this all blows over, I'll come host a workshop in the country you're in ;)

But for now, this is the best that I can do.


Much love,