Untraditional Practices of Watercolors –– Nov 7th, 2021
Untraditional Practices of Watercolors –– Nov 7th, 2021

Untraditional Practices of Watercolors –– Nov 7th, 2021

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November 7th, 1-3 PM (EST),
Intermediate - Advanced
via Zoom Meeting

Join us on this creative journey, where I’ll be guiding you through untraditional methods and techniques. I'll be here to help you break the rules, and focus on finding your own artistic voice.

For such a long time, watercolors have been connected to very similar styles of painting. We often hear lots of "don't do this" when it comes to mixing colors, mixing with different mediums, or even using neutral colors like black and white. In this workshop, we'll be diving deep into these "taboo" uses of watercolors. I am confident that only by breaking certain rules and exploring in a wide range of ways –– will you be able to find your unique artistic style.

During this two-hour-long workshop, we’ll talk about five ways that you can discover your artistic art style and we'll get to experiment with them as we create a painting together. We will focus on untraditional techniques and how to develop them, as well as mixing different media and colors.

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Here’s what you can expect to receive through this workshop:

  • Hone in your creative voice, style, interests and become confident in your own individual craft.
  • Learn how to break the rules and paint with watercolors as you've never done before.
  • PDF document with all the information you learned. You'll be able to keep it forever and come back to it whenever you need to
  • If you select the “Untraditional Watercolor Kit” option, you’ll receive most of the materials needed to let your creativity flow. I’ve selected only the best supplies for you! Click HERE to see a quick list of what will be included in the Untraditional Kit, as well as what you'll need to purchase prior to the workshop.
  • Creative freedom and confidence to fully express yourself. 

If you choose to NOT receive the Watercolor Starter Kit: Within 48hrs of purchase, you’ll receive an e-mail with a full supply list that you can choose to purchase. Or you may use the materials you already have. 


Please contact me before purchase, if you are planning on purchasing an Untraditional Watercolor Kit. Or click HERE to read more about "International Kits"

I can’t wait to share some watercolor magic with you!

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