Original oil paintings, with a message of human responsibility

Not a day goes by, where we don't take from the planet we currently stand on. It is here that we find shelter, love, and create beautiful memories. It is here that we eat, play, and pray. It is here that we dream our dreams, feel our pains, and share our desires and lives with loved ones. 

As far as we know, all of it can only happen here. Where does our greed end? If we were to learn to travel at the speed of light and search the universe for a new home… even among all the stars, will we find a home? If we do, are we ready to care for it?  

Like a fish out of the water, like Saturn in marshlands –– would we be, in the vast open space. Through the surrealism of these paintings, I hope to speak of the reality of our human responsibility. 

Much love,

Amanda C. Marino

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