Law Of Periods
Law Of Periods

Law Of Periods

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Original watercolor painting on chemical-free paper - with small deckled edges. Framed on an antique brass frame with double-sided glass.

"Study the science of art, study the art of science ... Realize that everything connects to everything else" - L. Da Vinci 

This painting is part of a sub-collection of only three works called "Planetary  Motion". Inspired by Kepler's Laws, each painting artistically demonstrates them. 

"Law of Periods" is Kepler's third law. In this painting, the gaps between the outer orbit are used as an approximate example of a planet's orbital period being proportional to another axis of its orbit.

This painting is a lovely reminder of the interconnected world that we live in, and how Science and Art coexist as one big human experience. As well as a beautiful addition to your home, or the beginning of your art collection.

Dimensions are 7”x5” with artwork extending to the edges.
Initial on the bottom right corner in white ink – full title, date, painting info, and signature on the back in graphite.

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